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Business strategy & Market Expansion

The fundamental objective of every business revolves around fostering expansion. Our mission aligns with this principle: granting enterprises the means to cultivate growth across the GCC, Africa, and further horizons. Utilizing well-structured strategic planning techniques and approaches, we empower our clients to enhance their performance right from the outset and establish a foundation for prosperous outcomes.

Business valuation, Go To Market, market insights & research, new market entry strategy, marketing strategy, feasibility studies, business process review and re-engineering.

MEA Market Research, a boutique business consultancy company based in the United Arab Emirates, collaborates, among others, intimately with the German Emirates Club to provide robust assistance to German, Swiss, Austrian and to any other enterprise or organization. Our focus is on companies and organizations, leveraging the GCC as a launching pad for venturing into novel markets, aspiring to establish their presence within the region and beyond, and to those who wish to solidify their presence in the region.

In short:

  • We are a UAE based boutique consultancy firm
  • We support companies and organizations to solidify their presence and to expand their markets in the MEA region
  • We offer market research & insights, new market entry, marketing strategy, business consultancy, innovation, distribution & channel partner initiatives
  • We are your Go To partner on the ground for expansion and growth

Our business Strategy and Market Expansion services include, yet not limited to:


Market Insights

We assist our clients in making well-informed decisions regarding their market strategies. This encompasses various aspects, including identifying suitable markets for product launches, discovering strategic partnership opportunities, and devising effective strategies.


Sustainable Growth

We aid our clients in crafting comprehensive strategies and building the necessary capabilities to foster profitable and enduring growth while maximizing value optimization.


Corporate Strategy

We help our clients assess their performance and position them for success by analyzing the impact of both internal and external changes on their progress toward strategic objectives. Funding, M&A and other strategic initiatives are part of our daily activities.

White Space Strategies

We collaborate with our clients to define successful white space strategies, encompassing channel, portfolio, consumer, and geographical blends. These strategies empower them to uncover fresh avenues for growth.

Omni Channel

We aid our clients in formulating omni-channel strategies that enable them to strike the optimal balance between online and offline sales channels.

Best Fit Partner Selection

We support our clients in establishing strategic alliances with distributors and partners, granting them access to essential capabilities and the ability to gain a competitive edge.

We effectively aid our clients in crafting comprehensive strategies

By following our industry proven steps, MEA Market Research effectively aid our clients in crafting comprehensive strategies and building the necessary capabilities for profitable and enduring growth while maximizing value optimization.

The secret of success

We have been a trusted advisor to many corporations, including leading manufacturers, financial institutions, and many other verticals.


We are committed to being the best, raising the bar higher and setting the pace for others to follow.


We deliver against a broad and deep multidisciplinary portfolio of business capabilities.


To become the reliable advisory partner for regional businesses and cultivate enduring relationships with stakeholders.


Delivering consistent, transformative, value-centered, and timely solutions founded on trust and integrity.


  • To be a trusted advisor & create sustainable relationships across the regions we operate in.
  • To achieve consistent revenue growth, profitability and healthy cash flows.
  • To ensure quality services through continuous improvement and transformative initiatives.


Financial Services

Transport & Logistics

Energy, Resources & Utilities

Real estate & Construction






Media & Communications


Digital Economy

Local expertise powered by Global Experience

Our experience across a wide range of industries and geographical areas is our single most valuable asset. Our team has worked in multiple geographical areas covering Europe, The United States of America, Canada, Asia, Africa and the GCC region. We have served a large number of corporations operating in many different verticals.

Our approach is hands-on, with an expert perspective on the key issues faced to help you protect and enhance the value of your business.

MEA Market Research

Dubai based MEA Market Research has an in-depth understanding of the markets it operates in and can provide valuable insights to help businesses expand their operations successfully. We provide expert advice and guidance to our clients, helping them to navigate the complexities of business expansion. We believe our name stands for a compelling proposition which effectively communicates our core competencies and value proposition.

Proven results-driven strategy, and commercial transformation leaders across models, processes, and people.

Over 25 years of thought leadership, strategy, commercial experience, focusing on people development expertise, change management and stakeholder engagement, including operational, and executive leadership.

Long standing being trusted advisors to leadership of corporations and financial institutions, advising on how to transform the business to get the needed profit, investments, and helping with strategic decisions, and assisting in mitigation of loss and risk.  

Instrumental in creating and innovation of fintech solutions such as Automated Dynamic Pricing, Financial Consolidation, Governance Risk and Compliance, automated asset management, Royalty Management. 

Author of several books about IT Process Automation, RPA/Robotic Process Automation, and Workload Management.



Accomplished leaders at the executive level, possessing exceptional commercial acumen, unwavering competitiveness, and a strong assertive demeanor. This seasoned professional has cultivated a profound mastery in B2B/B2C software, SaaS, Blockchain, commerce and e-commerce solutions, strategically crafted to empower enterprises for exponential expansion, transformation, and remarkable advancement.

Throughout their illustrious career, they garnered acclaim for his outgoing, confident, and passionate communication abilities. Their innate talent for articulating with conviction, integrity, and confidence allows them to exert influence, set a precedent through personal example, and adeptly resolve conflicts, thereby fostering a cooperative and harmonious atmosphere.

Guided by an entrepreneurial and business-centric mindset, they have adeptly explored uncharted domains, propelled product visibility, and elevated service quality to surpass competitors. This proactive approach has resulted in noteworthy sales achievements and the creation of novel business prospects.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“A very professional thought leader who always helped me a lot as a Gartner analyst.”

“Powerful combination of strategic thinking and tactical execution skills. I respect their professional and personal qualities, working with him is enjoyable and rewarding as he always keeps focus on maximizing business impact.”

“A true professional who delivers superior results for his investors, partners and customers.”

“His strategic views are very helpful to create potential growth paths for all participating companies.”

“one of the most exceptional partners I have come across in my career. He is very visionary and a true thought leader. He knows how to break down complex problems and apply a winning strategy.”

Why chose us for your growth strategy?

MEA Market Research are Growth Strategy consultants that help a company achieve sustainable growth with a well-planned and executable business growth strategy. Not only can they achieve increased sales, but they can also increase growth capacities by leveraging their expertise and helping build an infrastructure to support growth.

Growing Business and their strategy

For high-growth businesses facing challenges in managing rapid sales growth and complexities in their product lines and supply chains, a Growth Strategy consultant can provide guidance. Such consultants help in building a foundation for sustainable growth and scalability, addressing both external demand surges and internal obstacles. Hiring a consultant reduces the risk of failed growth initiatives, stabilizes margins, and instills confidence and loyalty among employees and customers.

Matured Growth Strategies

For established companies, challenges can be intricate as growth or sales might level off. Your business could appear to stagnate, with sales plateauing without apparent cause. A Growth consultant aids in identifying and overcoming the barriers hindering sustained success.

Early Stage Growth Strategies

Businesses frequently realize quite early the arduous and time-consuming nature of initiating initial sales and establishing brand recognition. In attempts to save costs, they may reduce spending, inadvertently affecting budgets that could drive greater income, like marketing or R&D funds.

Growth strategy consultants for businesses leverage their expertise to construct and execute sales programs or customer growth initiatives right from the foundation.

A Note on Strategic Growth

Incorporating the services of business growth strategy consultants plays a vital role in mapping out your company’s future expansion, guaranteeing sufficient scalability, and minimizing risks. These consultants also assist in refining and concentrating your portfolio, proposing market acquisitions, and directing your growth for enduring sustainability.

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MEA MARKET RESEARCH prioritizes not only business expansion and profit enhancement but also the management of growth to ensure its sustainability and feasibility. A meticulously devised business growth strategy stands as a cornerstone of a thriving enterprise.

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